HCBA Outstanding Lawyer Award
This major award is intended to recognize an attorney who has made a significant difference in the practice of law and the community because of the individual’s personal and professional ethics and conduct.

Award criteria
1. Has been in practice for more than five (5) years and is older than 36 years of age.
2. Is recognized by the general public and by the legal community for serving as a “mentor” or assisting others in the practice of law in his or her field of practice.
3. Has performed service to the community on a personal level and has been actively involved in the HCBA.
Past Recipients:
1998 C. Lawrence Stagg
1999 Benjamin H. Hill III
2000 Bill Wagner
2001 Don M. Stichter
2002 Emeline C. Acton
2003 S. Steven Yerrid
2004 John F.Germany
2005 John F. Rudy
2006 William Reece Smith, Jr.
2007 Raymond “Tom” Elligett, Jr.
2008 Dallas Albritton
2010 Leslie Stein
2012 Gwynne Young
2013 William Schifino Jr.

HCBA Liberty Bell Award
The purpose of the "Liberty Bell Award" program is to recognize outstanding
non-lawyer citizens whose community service strengthens the effectiveness
of the American system under the law.
Award criteria
1. Promote a better understanding of our form of government, and especially the
Bill of Rights,
2. Encourage greater respect for law and the courts,
3. Stimulate a deeper sense of individual responsibility to the end that citizens recognize their duties as well as their rights,
4. Contribute to the effective functioning of our institutions of government, and
5. Foster a better understanding of the rule of law.
Past Recipients:
1964-Robert Thomas                  1981-Parke Wright, III              1998-Robin Jackson
1965-James A. Clendinen           1982-Paul F. Straub                  1999-Bob Gilder
1966-Gen. Paul D. Adams           1983-Richard S. Clarke, Sr.      2000-Jan Kaminis Platt
1967-John Frasca                        1984-William F. Poe                  2001-Tony Dungy
1968-Malcolm E. Beard 1985-E.L Bing/Matt M. Jetton/John R. Paulk 2002-Robert W.Saunders
1969-Cpl. Lawrence Siegel         1986-Robert L. Smith                 2003-Liz Kennedy
1970-Mrs. William E. Henson, Jr. 1987-Elizabeth S. McConnell   2004-Gen. Tommy Franks
1971-Walter C. Heinrich                1988-H.L. Culbreath, Jr.           2005-Helen Gordon Davis
1972-James Sebesta                    1989-Leland M. Hawes, Jr .     2006-H. Roy Kaplan
1973-Sam Latimer                        1990-Anthony P. Pizzo            2007-Sam M. Gibbons
1974-Rev. John F. Mangrum        1991– Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf   2008-Nikki Daniels
1975-Rev. James N. Holmes, Jr.  1992-Ann Lowry Murphey        2009-George Levy
1976-Haven Poe                        1993-Richard M. Clewis, Jr. 2010-Monsignor Laurence Higgins
1977-Rev. Earl Hartman             1994-Abraham Brown               2011 Lincoln Tamayo
1978-Fred D. Leary                      1995-George Steinbrenner    2012 Michael Bridenback
1979-Father George S. Burchill    1996-Mabel Bexley             2013 Jane Castor
1980-Rev. A. Leon Lowry              1997-Braulio Alonso