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Need to Make a Professionalism Complaint?
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Is a lawyer you know acting unprofessionally and causing you concern because he or she:

•     Seems disorganized?
•     Is unprepared?
•     Gives an appearance of impropriety?
•     Demonstrates  badgering or bullying behavior?
•     Acts rude?
•     Seems abusive?
•     Has an offensive personality?
•     Belittles your concerns?

How The Local Professionalism Panel Works

Since 1996, the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit has been a respected leader on issues of professionalism and the elevation of the practice of law. In 2013, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion that each judicial circuit in the state would establish a local committee specifically to address issues of professional conduct.

The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Local Professionalism Panel is active and is here to help! This is a non-punitive, confidential program is intended to mentor and advise attorneys who may need further direction on the professionalism and courtesy expected of an attorney in accordance with the Oath of Admission to The Florida Bar.

Complaints about lawyer’s conduct may be made to the local panel or to The Florida Bar’s Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP).  Most issues are expected to be resolved informally, but the court reiterated that – as has been done in previous Bar grievance cases – egregious unprofessional conduct would be subject to discipline.

Complaints that do not result in Bar action will be referred to local committees such as this Local Professionalism Panel for review. Likewise, cases fielded by the local committees that involve more serious violations are expected to be referred to the Bar.

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Confidential Referral Form

Professionalism Panel Flyer

For information about the Local Professionalism Panel or making a complaint, contact William Kalish or Anthony Martino.  Their contact information is listed below.

--William Kalish: (813) 225-2500 (p);
--Anthony Martino: (813) 879-0700 (p);

For information about The Florida Bar’s Attorney Consumer Assistance Program, visit the ACAP website.

Read the HCBA Standards of Professionalism.

Read the Professionalism Guidelines for Business Lawyers.

Read Administrative Order S-2015-056, related to the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Professionalism Committee.

Learn about The Florida Bar’s Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism.